Brand Authority

How building Brand Authority can help you get better clients

We live in times when clients are looking for trust. They want to feel confident they can trust the brand they are interacting with. Therefore, the more expertise and reliability you provide them with, the better clients you’ll get and the faster your business will grow. The secret code behind that process is called brand…

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5 Tips for developing your personal brand

In our latest article, we have already outlined the interdependence between branding and personal branding. This week our focus is on the tips that many successful figures who have used personal branding to further their careers have strictly followed over the years: 1. Create a narrative Your personal brand should tell a story – your story…

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How to nurture creativity and provoke innovation in your company?

In our previous post we discussed what stands behind creativity and innovations and why those two factors should be the driving force of your business. To recap, nowadays we all face the same situation globally where only those who dare to apply flexibility, fast thinking, and adaptation to changes stand a chance to grow and…

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