At Ingotify we believe that the answers can be found within you, and our deliberate process can bring them to the surface.



Ingotify Concept

People are unconscious of the internal power in their possession. We guide them through the process of finding their inner gold.

Whether leaders or team members, people get swept into the operational and the day-to-day whirlwind, leading them to be in a constant fight and flight mode, even freeze at times. Such setting narrows the vision field, and disables from seeing the full picture. Our role, is to extract our clients into an “oeil du cyclone” to reflect, gain clarity and act with purpose.

We work with how nature made us, wired to see the negative 10x more than the positive, 12x more receptive to visual information than oral one, and the critical role our emotions play in building enthusiasm and fuel action.

We provide the necessary guidelines for building a winning culture that can reach the objectives set. The real work has to be done by the leaders and their team, we are here to offer assistance, perspective and guidance.


Articulated business strengths

These strengths are just like gold, they are hard to find. Not only because they are rare but because they were formed below the surface. It takes a deliberate effort and the right techniques to detect them, extract them and refine them, like a golden nugget.

Similarly, the essence of your brand is already within your leadership and your team.

Clarity on your customers' needs

Without a clear picture of who your customers are, and what matters to them, any marketing and sales effort may be in vain. Our guidance will help you capture insights about your customers and build the products and services your customers need.

Team Alignment & Roadmap

Ensure proper positioning within your leadership team to best leverage your newly surfaced powers and gain clarity. Our unique format and experience will tap into the intrinsic human drives, go after common challenges, and set a clear course of action.

What you get

Discovery Call

We start with a conversation, during which we can learn more about your business goals, and gain some context. That is so we can adapt and prepare for the workshop in the best possible way.

Discovery Workshop

This is a live, in-person, facilitated discovery phase where we uncover deep insights about your customer base and internal stakeholders, as well as project-specific goals and benchmarks. Our typical discovery sessions last a total of eight hours over the course of one or two days.

Premium Summary Brief

A comprehensive summary document which combines our facilitation and your insights, your brand’s story and voice, your customers’ profiles, a competitive analysis, recommendations and a relevant roadmap.

Working with us

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, once the workshop is over, you don’t feel like it was worth it, just say the words and we will refund you. No questions asked.


We will not guess or tell you what to do and define who you are. We only guide you through our process that harnesses your inner strength and reveals your true potential.

Innovative Experience

We can ensure that you will take part in a memorable experience that binds your team around your common goals.

About Us


Ingotify is a spin-off brand of Easy Exhibit, our company with over 10 years of experience in the exhibition industry, delivering world-class tradeshow programs for Aerospace, Pharma and IT industry leaders.

Brand Strategist

Othmane Boumzebra, the co-founder and brand strategist at Ingotify, will guide you and your team as you venture into a new business journey.

Our Mission…

…is to help business executives harness their precious resources and leverage their strengths to make their business stand out in its field.

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